Making cloud easy

Do you need to transform your infrastructure into cloud? We successfully went through it many times and are ready to assist you.

We can help you with any cloud related project including:

DevOps Services

  • DevOps Engineering Services
  • Design and implement CI/CD pipelines (Continuous Integration / Delivery)
  • Find right product/solution for your needs

For others, please:

Cloud Applications Development

  • We are software developers
  • Each of us has at least 5+ years of software development experience, which is a solid base for DevOps skills
  • We can develop custom application designed for a cloud environment
  • Our main programming languages are:
    Java, C/C++, Python
  • We can also adjust an existing applications to better suit cloud environment (e.g. improve scalability)

Kubernetes/OpenShift Support

  • Design your own Kubernetes/OpenShift deployment (public / on-premise / hybrid)
  • Installation and updates
  • Monitoring
  • Operations (including 24/7 support)
  • Security audit and hardening
  • Platform as a service (PAAS)

Migration to Cloud

  • Migration of an existing application or infrastructure to cloud
  • Migrated application runs in a container or VM (kubevirt)

Managed Services

  • Prometheus
  • Grafana
  • Galera Cluster
  • GitLab


  • Cloud application architecture review
  • Load testing targeting Kubernetes instance and/or application
  • Performance optimizations
  • Trainings for your developers and operators