Continuous utilization on interesting projects

  • Guaranteed income even if you are “benched”. In periods where you are not allocated on any customer project, you are still an employee of the company and can participate in our operations as part of the internal development team.

Choose your own path

  • Subject to your stack, our skilled salespersons are able to provide you with a choice of 3 to 5 projects which you may opt to join – after that it’s only up to you to choose the one which interests you most!

New employee induction training (LQ – learning quotient)

  • As a new employee, all the necessary training will be provided to you. As a result, you can advance both in your career, as well as in your personal growth.

Large international projects with a significant impact on society

  • Projects such as for example – European Cloud Gaia-x.

Cutting-edge technology projects

  • We are up to date with all the latest stack and technologies we utilize in our projects – no old frameworks or robust old internal applications.

Inspirational and innovative company culture

A great mix of highly technical senior staff who are well versed on all the latest technology news, trends and developments. Sharing of information, skills and knowledge is highly encouraged! All of this is waiting for you at our nice office in Pezinok, Slovakia.

Work-life balance

  • We believe life should be a series of sprints: run fast, reach your goal, take rest. Not years longing marathon resulting in a burnout.
  • No artificial deadlines​ – while setting a deadline is important in order to achieve a goal, we believe there needs to be a rationale behind each deadline and they shouldn’t be overused, especially hard deadlines
  • In most cases, proper planning can reduce stress and need for overtime work

Work hard, play hard

After hard work we like to play:

  • Table football (daily)
  • Multi-player computer games (usually Fridays)
  • Racing with remote controlled cars (several time a week, when weather allows it)
  • Repairing damaged remote controlled cars  🙂

No nonsense policy

Found some nonsense? Discuss with colleagues and if it is really so, then hey, let’s fix it together.

Flat hierarchy

  • Hate Dilbert-like self-important bosses? No worries, you will not meet that kind of people here.
  • Our hierarchy is pretty flat. Authority of our seniors is based on their superior knowledge, not their title.

Top working conditions and equipment

We believe good working environment and high-end tools (both hardware and software) are very important for professionals. Thus we provide:

  • Nice office
  • Lenovo ThinkPad notebook (or almost any other, your choice)
  • Docking station
  • External LCD
  • Ergonomic keyboard and mouse
  • Other productivity boosters of your choice
  • Equipment available in office and also at home (if you prefer)

Small teams

  • We believe developers are most productive when working in small teams
  • Ideally 3, maximum 5 people, each of them with clearly defined tasks (we don’t believe in shared responsibility)
  • In such small teams you know every member well and can talk to him/her directly
  • If there are more than 5 people in a team, maybe its time to break task into smaller pieces?

Less meetings, more work

Max meeting time 45 minutes per day (usually around 20 minutes)

Full-remote work possible

  • We have nice office, 5 minutes walking distance from train station, free parking
  • For seniors: you are welcome to come to our office but it is not mandatory, full-remote is possible
  • For juniors: we prefer you to sit in our office, otherwise it is difficult for us to support you during your journey towards senior knowledge; however if you have strong preference, exceptions are possible
  • Corona update: Because of ongoing situation, office presence is currently optional for everyone (including juniors)

Highly competitive rewards

  • We are happy to reward knowledge and engagement
  • We like to pay our people well so there is no reason for fluctuation

Flexible working hours

  • We understand that some of us are early birds while others are more like night owls
  • Our usual “core hours” are from 10 AM to 3 PM (5 hours including lunch), so we can reach each other and communicate effectively
  • It is up to you when and where you will work remaining (usually 3) hours
  • Exception covering your special situation is possible

Flexible work arrangement

Do you prefer part-time/full-time employment or something else? We are flexible.

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